Did we lose our basic understanding when the written language was introduced?

With a growing population, two single-syllable languages were just not enough, and the basic mind-to-mind understanding became a jungle of lost translations.
As we grew, the speed of our language grew too, and eventually, the single-syllable language became just a few images on a wall with a lost or unrecognized translation.
Many scholars are still trying to understand the basic principles of what humans lost when we went from an imaging language to a written language.
The language never disappeared but merely became a hidden gem deep inside our subconscious minds. (See action language)
In our modern world, it is one of the most actively used languages of all languages known in history.
As a grown population, we still use the single syllable imagine language to communicate when speaking to each other.
Now it is at a speed that transmits over a million impressions a second, but only 2500 of them are moved from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind.
Daily we fill our conscious mind with unnecessary junk that our body reacts to at the moment it receives it.
It might be one of the core reasons why the general population does not hear the basic language that our subconscious mind is still listening to.
As a child, we are born into this world with the knowledge of “the basic language.”
At that moment, we learn how to read and write, and the basic language drifts as a secondary language into the back of our minds and stays there until we grow old.
As senior citizens, our main written and verbal language slowly disappears, and our mind drifts back to our basic imaging language.
So what is the difference between our main language and the basic imaging language?
Our main language is the spoken and written language our families and school taught us,
The basic imaging language transmits all the time, sharing not just the condition of the body and its internal organs but also what the person thinks and feel.
Often these images are a condition of what the person has received and then again altered and transmitted into the person’s direct and indirect network.
How does this affect our bodies?
As our body transmits, we are informing everyone around us of the condition of our emotional and physical state.
Ex. When a person thinks, “I wish she would not fall down.” the image that is emitted is what the person is receiving and most likely will be the condition of what is going to happen. As you think of the person you are worried about, the person’s subconscious mind will hear. “…fall down..,” The receiver’s mind will eventually create a condition where the person falls down.
Even if the person says, “I wish…” the mind does not receive what the person hears.
Ex. If a person has fears of walking alone that is what the network receives, and the trigger is not fear but an open invitation to subject this person to what they are sending out—the image of being mugged.
Often it is created and enhanced, but the person first networks, and just like a wave, the more energy, the stronger a wave it will create.
Neither of them understands what they are sending in both incidents since they only transmit what they have received as an emotional condition.
How can this have an effect on our internal organs?
The condition can be both from our direct and indirect networks.
Our indirect network can be strangers we meet on the street, whereas our direct network is those around all the time.
When our body transmits a weak condition, anyone in close proximity will receive it, and the subconscious mind will inform the receiver to create a condition within the body.
This can be a direct condition and has nothing to do with hypochondria or psychosomatic illnesses.
It can also be an indirect condition, where the body starts to break down a weak(er) area within the receiver’s body. (See paper “medical, emotional condition.”)
In our modern world, we still don’t have the possibility to record and understand the deepness of the subconscious mind, but choosing to hide the receiver behind medicine will only break down the body even faster.
Isn’t it time to move in the direction of understanding psychology and medicine on a much higher level than we currently do?


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