I have the deepest respect for all the CRVer out there. They are doing an excellent job.
My skills are different and have nothing to do with what some of the wonderful teachers are teaching people who want to learn.

I will add I have had the opportunity to see inside a person’s mind while they are trying to RV an object or area. It is fascinating. While the line is drawn on the paper, the entire landscape is showing itself right on the floor between us. If an object is not solid, it is a manifestation and not part of the scene. As a QA project manager and a business architect, this has helped me for more than 30 years.
This brings me to the other point I wanted to share.
I work with people and their minds instead of finding a tree in the middle of a forest.
Recently I had a client whose mind was extremely stressed due to the continued collapse between multiple realities. The client kept seeing negative incidents instead of the factual image of what was going on.
The client had multiple false incidents that showed themselves over the left shoulder, whereat the correct image of what was going on showed itself over the right shoulder.
The interesting part, the false incidents had a link to all the incidents they were drawn from and from who. Whereat, the actual image did not.
Eventually, the client was confirmed on the factual image, and all the false incidents disappeared, leaving only the emotional part of seeing what they had seen.