In my article, I mentioned short the connection between our network, from receiving the data in our subconscious mind and then translating it into our conscious mind.

Every single awakening moment, we are connected to our network, and we will receive and translate all the time. These data are the core of how we exist, and our output becomes data in someone else’s consciousness and daily life. 

Case 1:

(Mentioned in my intro) The subject (already fear-based) is a project/sending a “prayer; I wish she(person) won’t fall down.” In this case, the subject is sending a verbal and an image there are working against each other since they are opposite poles. The person within the subject’s network will receive the image in their subconscious mind before the verbal, and therefore, it will be the action.

Normally we do not hear, but our mind does. In this incident, the person receives from the subject the “fear-based” information/image as an action, “walk over the edge, walk over the edge. ” If the subject didn’t stop, it would have become an action for the person to walk over the edge.

The person(receiver) contacted the sender(subject), and when the fear-based action was neutralized, the person didn’t receive the information(action) anymore.
In this incident, the person was able to understand the incoming signal and not respond to the action.

Case 2:

 A subject has fallen and bruised the subject’s leg, and everyone within the person’s network will translate this into straight data or manipulated data, depending on where the person is in their life.

In this incident, one in the subject’s network has a weak heart and a fear of dying. 

The person within the network notes the pain in their leg, and immediately, the brain tries to find/compensate for the following by telling the person it is a “blood clot” in their leg there are moving towards their heart. 

Scientifically it is proven we all have tiny clots in our legs. Since the person has put action on “moving blood clot”, it could have been within a short period of time before the body would have accepted it, and a clot would have been transferred towards the upper part of the body.

By knowing the subject well, within their conversation, the subject informed the person about the fall, and the person could add where they felt the “blood clot” feeling. 

At that moment, the person became aware, the fear went away, and the action “blood clot in my leg” faded. 

Currently, each time the person feels the pain, they redirect the pattern in their brain to “no, this is just a pain from a fall and not a clot.” both the pain is redirected back to its origin, and the fear disappears, and the person is less likely to become sick. 

Case 3:

In this incident, the subject sends a fear-based person action, and the receiver is not part of their “inner network” but merely a stranger on the street. (we do not know the subject’s past and therefore can not conclude that the output has anything to do with a past incident.)

The subject is walking on a path in the forest. A place that makes them uncomfortable and there for sending a fear base information. The person (receiver) notes they go from a not fear base environment to feeling scared. The images received are “a woman being hit from behind to laying on the ground being raped.” (the translation is what I call direct images.)

As the person stops and lets the subject pass by, the note that the fear fades away, and the images stop.
These images are projected to anyone within the vicinity of the subject and can be received as a forthcoming event or an action. It all depends on the person receiving the images.

If you are interested in using the data/information

Please remember to paraphrase and reference information:

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